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Welcome to Little River Studio & Gallery! Please note if you are using Windows Explorer, the menus on the left side of the page may not be displaying--You can try clicking the "compatibility view" icon next to the address bar in your browser-that worked for me. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, things should look ok. If not, delete your cookies and try again.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork, and will consider taking a class or renting studio time. Click the contact button to get my phone number or to send an email. Thanks for visiting my site!


Below is just a selection of some of my NEWEST artwork. Click on any image to obtain info about the image, including cost. To see ALL my artwork, click on the Artwork menu on the left, and either select a certain type of work or click on All Artwork.

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"Caliente" "Diary" "Fragments" "Harmony" "Precious, Lost"